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Empower Children, Heal Families.

Amani seeks to provide the educational access, emotional support and personalized care to help disadvantage children succeed.

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Amani provides full-time residential care for underserved children in the Tanzanian social welfare system. These children are provided with scholarships to local private schools. Through sponsorship programs and this fund, we ensure boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can excel academically, without gaps in their education due to financial stress, through all years of schooling. Tuition and materials are fully covered, as well as tutoring learning and disability support.


Amani Children's Home works directly with the local social welfare officers to respond to abuse and provide safe housing for children in crisis. Amani's staff is specifically trained to address the needs of these children; this includes 1:1 counseling, social support, and on-going parental education. Additionally, Amani prioritizes physical wellbeing. This involves facilitating access top-of-the-line medical care as well as keeping the center stocked with first-aid and hygienic supplies.


Amani is working towards self-sustainability. This means Amani plans ahead to purchase and stockpile staple food items before times of drought. We plan to diversify our current agricultural projects, adding pig husbandry as a source of protein and income. Intensifying and expanding our garden projects will ensure access to quality organic produce. We hope to transition to solar power or biogas, which will make our center eco-friendly and generate profits that purchase food and other supplies.

Long-Term Impact

This project will educate 50 children from impoverished communities. Our work directly helps students' families by taking on the financial burden of education as well as providing family welfare counseling and support. We empower and protect some of the most vulnerable members of the Mto wa Mbu area. Our long-term goal is to support the health and wellbeing of at-risk families and address the root causes of child abandonment. The long-term survival of our center depends on developing sustainable sources of income and ensuring reliable access to food items. Our agricultural projects are a life-line of healthy food, even during times of famine and adversity. Excess produce is sold at higher prices, generating income that can in turn be invested back into the center. Sustainable energy ensures we can not only "keep the lights on," but do so in a way that decreases environmental impact and generates income.