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Announcing a Fundraiser for Sustainable Electricity at Amani Children's Home

The Background:

Amani Children's Home is a residential community center in Tanzania for children whose parents have abdicated custody in a climate of personal hardship or abuse. We support families: our ultimate goal is educational empowerment, reunification with relatives, and holistic healing. Our core mission is to aid underserved children in their academic endeavors, emotional development, physical wellbeing, through full-time residential care.

The Challenge:

We need a safe and reliable source of energy for Amani Children's Home. Right now, the center experiences frequent blackouts which regularly disrupt learning and work. Additionally, Amani relies on firewood in order to cook all our food and to boil water. This is problematic because the use of firewood for fuel is rapidly deforesting the Lake Manyara region. The Children's Home is located close to Lake Manyara National Park, a vital conservation area that provides refuge to several endangered species of wildlife. It's likely that in the near future, the Tanzanian government will ban timber harvests in this region altogether.

With insufficient electricity to meet our current needs and a growing environmental impact, Amani needs to transition to renewable energy. Natural biogas presents an opportunity to power the community center by using livestock waste to generate renewable energy. Our plan is to create an environmentally-friendly self-sustaining cycle to power the children's home.

The Solution:

Amani plans to purchase pigs to raise as a source of both protein and waste byproducts. Pigs produce less methane and have a lower impact than cattle. Amani has worked with local hotels to establish buyers for pork, creating a new source of income for the children's home. Unlike cows and goats, pigs can consume low-cost food and food waste. This makes them affordable to raise. They are also easier to house and reproduce more quickly than other livestock. Biogas is typically produced in a large machine called a digester. Waste from the pigs will serve as fodder for the digester. With the correct blend of organic material and moisture, the digester will produce a source of energy for the Children's Home, and fertilizer to be sold for profit or used in our own gardens. In this way, embracing biogas minimizes our environmental impact and ensures an economically sustainable source of electricity.

Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law within the United States. We acknowledge no goods or services were provided to you in return for your contribution. Please save this letter for your tax records as confirmation of your donation; if you sponsor multiple children and make separate donations you may receive multiple emails. The Amani Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We reserve the right to use general (non-sponsorship) donations at our discretion and donor preferences will be honored when given and possible.

EIN number is: 36-4806201