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Give the Gift of Stability

Multi-year sponsorships ensure our children have reliable access to a high quality education

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You've come to the right place to make your sponsorship donation!
Scholarships provided by these contributions cover everything that a child needs to attend school and focus on their studies. These multi-year commitments to cover the cost of education, residential care, and personal needs provide a sense of security and stability. Enter your invoice amount in the "custom amount" box. Thank you for your donation!

How are sponsorships explained to the children?
At Amani children are awarded scholarships. Though these are not contingent on academic success, the support recognizes hard work, encourages diligence, and provides accountability for each student. For the children, a “sponsor” is explained as a person in another country who believes in them, cares about them, and wants to help them achieve their goals. A sponsor is a fan, a cheerleader, and someone who will always be in their corner. We discourage the use of “rescue language” that diminishes the individual agency of the student and creates a dynamic of savourism.
How are sponsorships allocated between children?
Much like a merit-based scholarship, sponsorship matching is prioritized on the basis of 1. student need and 2. student effort.
How and when will I get an invoice?
Amani receives estimated costs of education for the upcoming year from each private school between November and December. Once these estimates received and at-center support calculated, our site manager will send an invoice requesting donations within two weeks' time. Payments are made in full between December and January.
How and when will I get updates?
All sponsors receive letters and grade reports twice a year, June and November/December via email. You can reach out via email anytime.
Can I visit or speak directly with my child?
Absolutely. We encourage regular personal communication to strengthen relationships. You may send an email message, pictures and scanned letters to be translated. You may also coordinate periodic phone or video conversations via WhatsApp with our site manager and your child based on both of your schedules. Please note we ask for a small financial contribution at your discretion to offset the costs of phone/video data.
Can I send additional gifts?
We discouraged mailed packages, as they are subject to search and taxation by the Tanzanian government, and international mailing may be unreliable. Instead, you may reach out to our site manager, who can describe an appropriate gift for your child’s needs, age and interests. You may donate the cost and the item will be purchased on-site in Tanzania.
Is this tax-deductible?
The Amani Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 and all donations are tax-deductible within the United States of America.